The boys birthday party:

Better late than never!

We celebrated early

Gabriel’s 1st

And TJ’s 4th.

with lots of friends and family

Catching up and playing

A couple low BGs made it easy to give TJ some extra treats! (Luckily nothing serious.)

They had so much fun with their friends

And their cousins too

And even shared their toys (with just a little help) J

We were so blessed both boys’ godparents could be there! (although some were camera shy) đŸ˜‰

Gabriels gluten, wheat, and egg free cupcakes were a hit! (LOL! The real cream cheese frosting might have helped!)

Both boys were both spoiled

And surrounded by love

They got so many gifts (that I now have to find space for!) J

And that they definitely love!

We were so happy to see all who could come

And share this special day although we did miss some.

Maybe next year will bring

As much love and excitement

As TJ expressed when he finally got his shoe rack!

Thank you so much for making them feel so special and loved

Our precious blessings from up above!

Happy Birthday TJ and Gabriel! J


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