Lazy or Overtired?

I have really been slacking as far as blogging goes lately. We have been crazy busy cleaning and getting the house ready for the boys birthday party and house blessing (which has since been postponed until after Easter) 😛 That’s ok, gives me more time to be way more thorough in my cleaning! So much junk to get rid of and things to sort through! 😉

We had a fun play date in the park with another D-mom and her son who has type 1 Diabetes. (pictures still on camera—I will try to find time to post about just that)

We had an awesome birthday party for both boys! It’s hard to believe TJ is 4 and Gabriel is 1! Where did the time go? They are getting so big and TJ is becoming more and more independent! (Pictures still on camera—will have to post more about that later too!)

TJ also started swim lessons again. This time he gets to be in the pool without me! Love that I don’t have to get in a swimsuit for him to take lessons now! J He’s a pretty cocky little guy though, telling Tony he doesn’t need to take lessons, because he already knows how to swim (yeah, in a 2 foot deep pool you do! What about in a 3-6 feet deep pool? Silly boy!) Luckily we haven’t had any major Diabetes related issues due to swimming he’s only in the pool for about ½ and hour and he isn’t active the whole time. J

We had our first pump site failure! TJ’s sugars went up over 500 despite boluses from his pump for over a unit of insulin. It happened while my parents were watching the boys and they handled it wonderfully! I talked them through drawing insulin from his pump cartridge into a syringe and giving him a shot. And then my dad drove TJ and his supplies down to my school so I could change out his port really quick. Within a couple of hours he was fine again! J I have the best parents ever! J

I really need to get more sleep, but am not sure how to! My fitbit has been tracking my sleep patterns and I get an average of 4 hours of sleep a night and it’s interrupted sleep. It’s no wonder I’m always so tired! I wake up an average of 10 times per night. What I need to do is go to sleep earlier, but that’s the only time I have to get things done, without little boys interrupting. So much work, so little time!

Sorry this post has no pictures! It’s just a quick update and obviously we need to upload our pictures to the computer so I can put them on my blog! 😉

I’m going to end with a question for all you moms out there. I feel like I keep telling friends that we need to get together but never actually schedule anything. I’m so crazy during the week with school and swim lessons and dinner that when Saturday arrives I want to stay in bed all day (not that I ever get to) and Sundays are always busy for us too. Some day I will find time to get TJ out with more kids than his brother and cousins! 😉 Hopefully sooner rather than later! J Is it just me or is it really hard to schedule play dates?


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