It’s been awhile! I haven’t been very motivated to write lately. I’ve been so tired and busy, even though I’ve had some time off from work. I think I’ve spent maybe a total of 2 days at home since school got out before Christmas and we start back up next week! How the time does fly!

To catch you up:

We had a wonderful Christmas!

The boys got way too many toys and lots of cool clothes.

Tony and TJ found time to take a nap together on Christmas Eve:


I got a fit bit. I’m so excited about it!

My reaction when I opened it! Tony actually surprised me!

It’s already motivated me to be more active. It not only tracks steps like a pedometer, but it tracks the number of flights of stairs you climb and it tracks your sleep too. I was really excited to get proof of how little sleep I get. Now it’s a little depressing…Last night was a really good night: no pump alarms and Gabriel even slept through the night. And this is how I slept:


Not very well! Hopefully it’s just from the habit of poor sleep and if my boys will cooperate and keep up their good sleeping my body will readjust so I can sleep better.

My fit bit has motivated me to climb my stairs for exercise and now Tony is turning it into a competition. We climbed 75 flights of stairs tonight just trying to one up each other.

We got to see all of our family that lives in town and talked to Tony’s family in CA. I was a little lazy and didn’t take very many pictures while we were with our families. But in my defense the gift opening was the craziest it’s ever been and there wasn’t much time! LOL J


I was mostly motivated to blog tonight because once again I was impressed by the kindness of others in regards to TJ’s diabetes.

We went to a birthday party a friend of mine threw for her son (who’s just a few weeks older than Gabriel). They were so great her sister even dug through the recycle bin for the box that some of the food came in (both for carb counts and an ingredients search for eggs)! TJ’s favorite part was the cupcake.

Gabriel enjoyed the Mickey Mouse ears when we got home (until he ripped one ear off)

I’m just so grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people! Despite all the changes we’ve faced this year, I’m just so blessed to only have helpful caring people around us!


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