As I sit in my bonus room embroidering a gift for someone else’s sugar baby I’ve been considering switching to blogger from wordpress (I actually started out with blogger but couldn’t get it to work so I switched to wordpress).


I’ve been struggling with wordpress too and especially with the ap. it seems that I type my blog in an unusual way: first I type it all out and then I go back and put the pictures into the text. Apparently blogs should have all the pictures at the end (that’s how the blogger ap does it) or type some then insert picture then type more and insert another picture, as the wordpress ap does it. I don’t know who invented this stuff but I get so frustrated when technology doesn’t do what I expect (or need).

It makes me crazy having to stop my thought process to put in a picture! Almost enough to drive me to drink! 😉

Oh well, I think I’m getting the hang of wordpress and will stick with it for now maybe someday in the future when I have time I’ll figure out blogger and switch (maybe not)

As I said earlier I’m making a gift for a sugar baby I’m a little excited about it. I signed TJ up for a gift exchange between other kids with diabetes (sugar babies) and while I’m making a gift for someone I’ve never met (I have shared stories and tips and given and taken advice from this sugar babies mom via Facebook) someone who has never met TJ is doing the same thing for him. I’m hoping that when I explain that it’s from another kid with diabetes that it will help him remember that he’s not the only one out there with diabetes.

Speaking of frustrating: my project was just botched! It popped out of the hoop and started stitching the design in all the wrong places! Guess I’ll have to start over from scratch! 😒
I just checked on the boys and tried to move them to safer and more comfortable sleeping positions but they aren’t cooperating. TJ is sleeping with one arm and one leg hanging off the side of his bed and Gabriel crawled right back to the corner of his crib after I slid him into the middle. Time for me to get some sleep too! I didn’t realize how late it was.



  1. Well it’s lovely to find someone else who struggles with technology, it makes me feel….. more normal, less bad with myself so thank you for sharing your frustrations with me Perseverence, and keeping it simple are my moto’s . Happy Christmas.

    If your interested At there is a free book to down load, only availale till the 21/12/12. Hope you take a mo to check it out, although I can be confident it wont have the answers or be any good at helping you out specifically with WordPress but it might make you feel happier when you’re having to deal with it.
    Happy Christmas.


    • Thanks Jayne! Usually I roll with the punches but it seems crazy that programs that are supposed to help you be creative are so restrictive in how you create. I will check out that book! 😃


  2. Thanks for that, keep smiling


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