Pretty, happy, funny, real


It’s so funny watching Gabriel toddling around the house! He just started walking without assistance yesterday and keeps amazing me with his feats of balance.

My new hair cut makes me happy! Just 3 inches shorter and red highlights.

Real family: I never thought I would have my kids sleep in my bed, but its amazing how we sleep deprived parents adapt to get just 5 more minutes of sleep (even if we’re trying to sleep through kicks and movement). TJ keeps getting up before we’re ready, so we check his cgm (and sometimes poke his finger) to see what his blood sugars are doing and then he snuggles(kicks, punches, rolls on) Tony who’s trying to catch just a couple more zzz’s.


I caught this picture of a rainbow last month and haven’t had a chance to use it but I thought it was so pretty that I took a picture of it while driving.


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