Tearful sensor change

Toughest CGM (continuous glucose monitor) sensor change to date! 😒 It always starts going downhill when we start taking off the sticker that goes over his CGM. We tried using goo gone and special remover wipes but my poor little boy is so hairy that it always hurts!

You can see how hairy his back is and how red his arm is from taking the sticker off.
He started crying and saying,”don’t hurt me!” As if we want to cause him more pain. Not only was he crying but so was I. He was fighting us tooth and nail, screaming and crying but when we told him (with tears running down my cheeks) that we don’t want to poke him but this poke helps us take the best care of him that we can he calmed down and stopped crying. He hugged his daddy so I could put the sensor in and only cried a little when the sensor went in. Such a brave, tough boy!

I do everything I can think of to make his pokes the least painful possible but it doesn’t matter what we do, the CGM sensors are freaky looking and apparently very painful. We use numbing cream before and let it soak in but that doesn’t help. We’ve tried inserting them when he was sleeping but he woke up screaming every time. This time we even tried spraying his arm with numbing spray after we pulled the sticker off (no help).

I feel like the worst mom ever when he cries saying not to hurt him. The last thing I would ever want to do, and yet I find myself doing it regularly. Six to ten finger pokes every day to check BGs (blood glucose levels), new port insertion every three days (still way better than the 4+ shots a day he used to get), cajoling him to pee on a strip to test for ketones, waking him in the middle of the night to feed him sugar or juice when he’s running low. All things we have to do to keep our little super hero alive but all “mean”.
TJ is the strongest person I know and he’s not even four yet! I can’t imagine what this tough guy will become when is is all grown up!



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  1. Again – keep up the good work everyone 🙂 Three cheers for that brave boy.


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