Diabetes First: Ketones

We survived TJ’s first stomach virus since his diagnosis! J And without a trip to the ER! I’m so glad we got the free blood ketone tester, otherwise I would have been calling the Dr and who knows what would have happened!

It all started with Gabriel, and we weren’t sure if he was sick or had eaten a small amount of eggs or was reacting to something else and then….TJ started throwing up.

He had lower than normal blood sugars, even though when he’s been sick in the past he’s always run high.

We still had to worry and keep testing for ketones, which was difficult since the first day he only peed twice! The sick day directions we got from the Drs office said to test for ketones every 2-4 hours (we were not able to do that) but when we tested him the first time he was negative. We pushed fluids (mostly full sugar ones so we could give him insulin) all day trying repeatedly to get him to pee on a test strip. It wasn’t until just before he went to bed that we finally got him to pee again and boy that test strip scared the heck out of us! It was large (which means we should call the Dr—NOT GOOD!)

We grabbed the blood ketone meter and unwrapped one of the ketone strips and it said he was at .3 (which would be the same as trace to negative) we didn’t need to call the Dr unless it was .6 or higher.

So we gave him more carbs and some more insulin to cover them (and to fight down those ketones) and put him to bed.

We stayed up until midnight to keep checking him and make sure he didn’t crash. I probably should have woken him up to pee on another test strip (every 2-4 hours—but we only got 2 sample blood ketone test strips with the meter) but I just couldn’t. He gets so grumpy when he’s woken up and would not have been very cooperative if we woke him up to pee. Instead we let him sleep; just checking his CGM every couple hours and poking him when we thought it necessary during the night to make sure he wasn’t crashing or skyrocketing.

TJ was all better by the next day (even though it took Gabriel at least 2 full days to recover fully (and stop vomiting). We had our first experience with ketones and we beat them! J Now Tony is down with it and I’m just praying that I am immune since I haven’t had any symptoms yet. J

On the agenda for TJ’s next Endo appointment:

1.     A prescription for zofran to stop vomiting (poor TJ threw up about 6 or more times—But he amazed me by always making it into a bucket or the toilet! Such a big boy!)

2.     A prescription for more blood ketone test strips!!

The good news is that while everyone else was running to the bathroom or grabbing a bucket I was a busy bee! I finally got caught up on laundry! 3 overflowing baskets of clean clothes folded and put away (plus all the clothes, blankets and a couch cushion that Gabriel puked on). I actually got to watch a couple movies (while folding clothes) Snow White and the Huntsman, The Amazing Spiderman. Tony hung the outdoor Christmas lights (before he got sick) and even started to set up our tree. Hopefully I will stay productive and get the rest of the house put together and kept clean without everyone being sick! 😉

Oh, and on a side note: even though we weren’t exercising (too tired and Tony was nauseous) I was able to stay within my calories each day! J I’m kinda proud of myself! I was having a really hard time doing that without doing some major cardio to add more calories to my daily allotment.


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  1. Good job!!


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