Midnight snacks

Tjs sugars were a little low tonight when Tony and checked him before our workout. I woke him up to eat half a bag of fruit-snacks to bring him back up. He ate his five fruit-snacks while I held him on my lap. I told him that I was giving him the last fruit-snack so he wouldn’t keep opening his mouth for more like he has before. He leaned in and bit my neck looking for fruit-snacks and then (when he realized they weren’t there) he leaned even further over and tried to take a bite out of my arm.

He started whining and Tony tried to get him to drink some water,but TJ said he wanted something else, Tony brought his cup back a second time and TJ refused to drink it because he didn’t know what it was. He said he wanted something else. When I told him again the fruit snacks were gone he whined some more so I asked if he wanted to lay back down in his bed and he said no. Then he stood up, I asked if he needed to go potty he said no, walked around me, climbed up on his bed and crawled to his pillow to lay down and fell right back to sleep. Tony and I left the room laughing quietly over his crazy half asleep behaviors.



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