Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real



I never thought I’d post a picture of my toilet (or call it pretty for that matter) But I can’t help myself! I bought a toilet cleaning tablet that goes in the tank and it turned the water such a pretty shade of purple! Hopefully it will also keep the hard water stains out of the toilet too! J It’s the little things.


My boys are finally sleeping in their room together and that makes me happy.

It means that Gabriel is sleeping through the night (most nights).

Even though we are still sometimes woken up by TJ’s pump alarm (mostly for high BG’s) I am one happy mom, getting woken up fewer times per night!


So many funny moments, it’s hard to pick just one. Gabriel gave himself a gnome beard in the tub. (Sorry the picture is blurry, it’s from my phone)

Tonight he gave me the sweetest smile before closing his eyes to go to sleep.

And then fell asleep in my arms (less funny more sweet baby) J


Homemade baby food! J I feel so good when I make Gabriel’s baby food. I save money and get rid of leftovers all in about 30 minutes. I tend to put it off but after I finally get around to it I always wonder why I do. It’s so simple, just throw food in the blender with some liquid and blend then scoop into jars. My new goal is to make him food a couple times a week, so I don’t have to rely so much on store bought food.

This blog is all about Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life. Something I have been having a really hard time doing lately. I feel like I’m finally starting to feel some contentment. Through all the stress this year with TJ’s type 1 Diabetes diagnosis and Gabriel’s severe allergic reaction to eggs plus all our illnesses that we keep contracting it’s been really hard keeping a positive attitude. But we have been so blessed through all of this! TJ has not had keytones from any of his colds, fevers, random illnesses, and that is HUGE! Life is good and I just need to keep reminding myself on the rough days!

I linked up to Like Mother, Like Daughters PHFR here:



  1. I love the sleeping babe picture! Nothing like it. (And I have a very similar pic this week.)


  2. I love the little gnome beard! Very cute!


  3. Haha, I love that you took a picture of your toilet!!
    Keep up the good work with those lovely children!


  4. I’ve never seen purple toilet bowl cleaner…lol! Just blue or green.

    I love the pic of you and Gabriel. Perfect sweetness šŸ™‚


  5. Another happy coincidence, I had taken Like Mother, like Daughter off of my blog feed and I was missing them. But then I couldn’t remember the exact title of the blog and I couldn’t find them… thanks!!


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