Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


A fall centerpiece on a clean table (both a rarity in our home), simple and pretty.


Few things make me happier than watching my family. I was actually approached at church this last Sunday and asked how many novenas I prayed before I found my husband. She said she has seen no husband and father more attentive to his children, that Tony always had one eye on his kids. She was right, I was very blessed when Tony married me. I didn’t even know what an amazing dad he would be.


Such a funny boy with his green vampire teeth and his one liners! He was putting a dirty diaper in the diaper champ for us and told Tony, “every time I put one in it gives one back”. It was full, so it wouldn’t let anymore in. J He’s always got something funny to say, so inspiring, considering what he goes through every day! J


My baby has a fever. L He doesn’t want to do anything but snuggle, which I have to say is the upside to most illnesses! For a baby that’s been on the move almost since birth, it’s really nice that he wants to snuggle with mommy. I just pray he gets better quickly, so he’s not so miserable.


It’s Type 1 Diabetes awareness day and we are 2 days away from TJ’s 7 month anniversary of diagnosis. If you have kids it’s imperative you know the symptoms of T1 Diabetes! If it’s not diagnosed early enough it can be fatal!



Type 1 Diabetes is an Autoimmune disease that there is currently no cure for.

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