Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


Our hand me down kid table and chair are FINALLY done!

We sanded and stained and painted and put them back together and I love how cute they turned out!

The only downside is we still have one more chair to do!


Gabriel is sleeping!

He’s going down without a fight and that makes me very happy. We still need to work on getting him to sleep all night long!


TJ’s sleep positions crack me up.

It’s never the same way twice and rarely looks comfortable! J


TJ’s CGM is showing us just how unsuccessful we are sometimes at keeping his sugars within range. L He seems to be all over the map lately. The good news is, we can look at this information over time and make changes using his pump to hopefully do better. J


I linked up to Like Mother, Like Daughters PHFR here:



  1. I love the table and chairs! We really need to get a set for our house!

    I bet that’s really frustrating and difficult trying to figure out how to keep his sugars in check. Prayers to you and your little guy!


  2. The table and chair are awesome! Good for you! Love the black with the wood. God bless with your pump 🙂


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