Five Minute Friday: Look


I read a blog recently where a woman talked about a realization she had. She felt like she didn’t look good enough to be photographed, I’ve been there (heck, I am there): have a baby, too tired to exercise, too lazy to eat right…there are limitless reasons. It was less about how she looked now and more about looking back. She was looking back at pictures of her own mother and realized how precious those pictures were. Her realization was that she wanted her kids to be able to look back and see pictures of her with them doing all the fun things they did as a family.

This post really hit home with me! I generally try very hard to avoid pictures until I “look good”. When TJ and Gabriel (and any other children we may have) look at pictures of their childhood, I want them to see that I was there for the good times and remember me smiling. They won’t look at the pictures and think about how fat I looked or comment on my lack of makeup (being boys they probably won’t even notice!) 😉

So I’ve made a resolution, I will not only take the pictures of our family events, but I will consciously make an effort to be in more of the pictures as well.



  1. Really nice post.


  2. Jen

    This is awesome! Great family photos! 🙂 I think I read the same article you did about this. It was super inspirational. I’m stopping by from FMF! Blessings, new friend!


  3. Thanks for making me think. I really need to make an effort to be in more pictures of the family pictures.


  4. I totally relate. I look back now that my oldest is a tweener and I’m not in most pics. Sad. Wrong choice. And yet I’m still uncomfortable about being photographed. I need to decide to get over it. Nice post.


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