Fall Festivities

There was some fun at the Ortiz house tonight!

Gabriel didn’t really enjoy it so much….

But the rest of us did!

Tony murdered our pumpkin!

And pulled out its guts!

TJ picked out the design.

He thought it was a very silly face.

Tony really didn’t like the slimy feeling of the pumkins innards.

But he really wanted to eat those seeds!

Both boys wanted to help carve.

But we kept them away from sharp instruments!

TJ liked to watch

He also thought it would be funny for our cabinet door to have a silly face.

Gabriel just wanted to be held.

After lots of cutting and some crying

We successfully carved our pumpkin! Turned out pretty cute too!

Gabriel had other plans for it, but we kept our pumpkin safe!

And I cleaned the seeds

and oven roasted them

And boy are they yummy!






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