Voice activated pump?!?

The other day on the way home from grandma and papa’s house, TJ’s pump started alarming (High BG) on our 45 minute drive home it alarmed every 10 minutes or so because I couldn’t reach back and clear the alarm while drive.  After the first alarm, TJ said, “Ignore” to his pump.  I wasn’t sure what he was doing, thinking maybe he was just playing some game.  When it alarmed the 2nd time he said (a  little louder) “Ignore!” and as it kept going off he said,”mommy, I told it ignore and it’s not stopping!” Not sure what he was talking about, I just kept driving and let him play in his carseat. As his alarm was going off for the 3rd time he screamed, “IGNORE!” and then told me again, “it’s not working mom!”


Finally I asked what wasn’t working, and he explained, “I told the pump ignore and it’s still beeping!” Laughing I asked where he heard that word, wondering where he even got the idea his pump would respond to a voice command. He explained: “Last night, when I was trying to sleep but my pump wouldn’t let me, you told it ignore and it stopped beeping” Oh, my!  It all came back to me!  LOL

After an evening of cal errors and High BG alarms I was so frustrated with TJ’s CGM that when it still wouldn’t calibrate and started alarming again while TJ was in bed, I went in to turn off his CGM for the night (planning to put a new sensor in the next morning) I did say, “ignore” while canclling the alarm and turning off the sensor. Apparently to TJ, that meant that his pump was now voice activated!  🙂  He is so funny sometimes!  🙂  Love that boy!


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