Sensor Changes

One of the things TJ has to deal with every 3-5 days is having his CGM sensor replaced. It is slightly traumatic for him. Although, it shouldn’t hurt too bad, since we use a numbing cream on him so he doesn’t feel the needle inserted into his arm.

This is what we do:

First we put 4 dots on his arm with a sharpie to mark where the numbing cream goes (don’t want to numb the wrong area).

Then we put about a nickel sized amount of the numbing cream on the back of his upper arm and wrap it in saran wrap. (This one was smushed against his arm while playing and riding in the car)

After 30 minutes to an hour we take off the saran, wipe all the cream off his arm and dry it off.

We can just see the dots after all that to know where to put the sensor.

This is the sensor in the inserter, ready to go. (check out that huge needle!)

We put that against his arm and push a little button at the top to pop it into his arm. Then we pull the inserter off the sensor.

Then we pull the needle out of his arm (leaving a wire probe in his arm)

This is what broadcasts TJ’s BG’s to his pump so we can see his trends. It needs to be charged every time we change his sensor, so we take it off his other arm (we trade arms with each sensor) and

Plug it into it’s charger. The light blinks green until it’s fully charged (it only takes about 10 minutes)

Once it’s charged we take it off the charger and attach it to the probe on TJ’s arm.

Then we put a big IV sticker over the whole thing to hold everything in place.

About 2 hours later we have to check his BG and calibrate the sensor before it will show us TJ’s trends.

The information we get from his CGM is so wonderful! I love being able to check him at night without having to poke his finger! In fact we probably check him 2-4 times a night and rarely do we need to actually poke his finger. Such a relief!

I am looking forward to the new Medtronic CGM (which they say will be out soon, but doesn’t yet have FDA approval). It should be smaller, have a longer life (6-12 days instead of 3-6), and have a much less scary inserter! Praying it really does get approved and come out soon, because although TJ puts up with all of this he still says it hurts and I think the new one will be a little less scary.


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