More changes

We though all our major changes were over for awhile but surprise! Gabriel’s severely allergic to egg. And that means I can’t eat eggs (despite what the ER Dr told me).

New big change, I’m constantly surprised at all the foods that have eggs! Hopefully cutting out all those foods will not only help Gabriel feel better (and hopefully sleep at night for longer than 3 hours at a stretch) but also force me into a healthier diet and some weight loss!




  1. A lot of endos are Medtronic Exclusive.. They get rewarded for being so BTW.. But also a lot of devices have age restrictions… That does not mean you shouldn’t have been able to try and choose from the different pumps available… Its not the first time iv heard this.


    • Yes, I know, but there are at least 3 pumps out there that I know kids younger than my son are using. It’s just frustrating. Thanks for the comment John!


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