CGM Fears

Tomorrow we go in and get TJ on his CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor). I’m really worried about this visit. I’ve been reading other people’s opinions of the CGM TJ will be using and they haven’t been good. Some people even said they just stopped using it. One review written by a T1 Nurse said that not only was it painful, but it was also frequently inaccurate.

I’m really worried about putting TJ through more pain and having it be pointless, he has to deal with so much already. L

I’ve become really frustrated with our Endocrinology Team. We ask about a pump and they send us a Medtronic pump. No discussion of other pumps available, we are apparently assigned to Medtronic for all our Diabetes needs. Are they getting a kick back or something? It’s ridiculous.

We ask for a CGM and at first we’re told they aren’t a good idea. REALLY? They seem like a really useful tool for parents of young T1 kids. After we explain why we want one (to a couple different people) We get sent a Medtronic CGM. Again, no discussion, no weighing of options, like it’s the only brand out there making a CGM. But it’s not. And from the reviews I’ve read there’s a much better one out there that is less painful and more accurate.

I sincerely hope that my worries are unwarranted and that it will work perfectly and is no more painful than his infusion sets for his pump. I really look forward to the information we will be able to get and just pray that it is accurate!


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