Our diabetes tricks

Sorry, I’ve been lazy of late and haven’t been blogging. It’ summer, right? J We’ve been having lots of fun, enjoying the sunshine and playing outside a lot. J TJ is doing well with his diabetes (and acting like a normal 3 year old—God help me!) Gabriel is following me around the house (and making me wish my 7 month old didn’t know how to crawl yet!). I’ve been thinking that I should write about some of the tricks Tony and I have come up with to help TJ (and us) survive his diagnosis and for some reason I am suddenly motivated to do it, so here goes! J

Every day:

Plastic totes! We store TJ’s supplies in these totes, one small one with a couple weeks worth of supplies (quick to grab for a trip somewhere)

Not that we really just drop everything and go on week long trips. LOL! But it’s all handy for day to day needs.

Everything else we need long term fits in the bigger tote.

We use these sugar free syrups to make TJ’s Chocolate milk most of the time. He gets regular Hershey’s syrup in his milk sometimes too, but when he’s already had a high carb meal and wants a hot chocolate this is the answer! 12 carbs of milk and a squirt or 2 of one of these and he’s a happy boy!

We tend to prepackage TJ’s snacks and label them with carb counts so we don’t have to count out 1 serving or figure it out how many carbs are in something while he’s eating.

TJ carries his own supplies now! J He got this cool back pack at the “Little kid’s diabetes camp” at Marybridge and fell in love with it.

So I decided he should carry more than just toys in it! πŸ˜‰ He’s carrying both his “everyday kit” for checking sugars at every meal. And he’s also got his emergency kit, with glucotabs, glucagon shot, syringes, etc.

Measure, measure, measure! Everything is measured and counted!

Pump clip. If TJ has pockets, we usually clip his pump to him with this clip.

If he doesn’t have pockets he wears his pump in a pouch. I just bought him this one from Medtronic, he hasn’t even worn it yet. My goal is to make some for him, but without a pattern my first attempt was an absolute failure!

At first when we put a new port on TJ it didn’t bother him, he actually said it hurt less than an insulin injection! But after awhile, he started freaking out and crying that it hurt. L The CDE suggested we ice before using the infusion set but even that didn’t help. Funny enough letting him eat the ice made everything much easier on him. So now, we ice his skin before he gets a new port and then he gets to eat a piece of ice. (It’s the little things)

Goo Gone and q-tips! We use these to remove TJ’s portsβ€”it removes all the stickiness without pain!

Baby wipes! We use these for everything! In regards to diabetes, we use them to clean TJ’s fingertips before checking sugars and to clean up the blood on his finger afterwards. J

For the LOWS (or the just not high enoughs)

When TJs sugars aren’t high enough for bed this is his “treat” I read about it on a blog and thought what a great idea! Sugar to bring him up and protein to keep him from crashing again. And TJ loves it! πŸ˜‰

Tony came up with the idea to prepackage it in zip lock bags. 1 tablespoon of peanut butter in a zip lock (we cut off the corner and then we have a piping bag to squirt the PB onto each fruit snack!) It adds up to 20 carbs (if we do the whole package of fruit snacks). Often when he’s low during the day we give him fruit snacks to bring him up (17 carbs).

These are some of the things that work for us; maybe they’ll work for someone else dealing with this too. J If your family is dealing with diabetes and have some tricks please share! I would love to hear about what works for you! J

Tony suggested I add a picture of a bottle of Amaretto to this blog, but this is much stronger!

It does help me relax after a long day! (and puts me right to sleep!) LOL



  1. Thanks for sharing your tips and ideas. I haven’t heard of pb and fruit snacks. Although I don’t think S would go for it (he is a weird kid who doesn’t like fruit snacks) its a great way to get sugar and protein into him. And I love the piping bag idea. How do you get TJ to actually carry his bag? I carry the McQueen bag for S. He loves it but I guess he’s still too little. Oh, and I am hard at work on that pump pouch tutorial! πŸ™‚ Its just taking me awhile to figure out the math well enough to explain it. One thing to do it yourself, and another to be clear to someone else. But I am hoping to have it posted by Monday. Hopefully it will help!


    • He wanted to carry that backpack everywhere when he got it. LOL I just put his kits in it and told him he had to be careful with it. Sometimes he doesn’t want to carry it (lazy) πŸ˜‰ but most of the time he does. πŸ™‚ Tony also puts peanut butter on glucotabs sometimes too, maybe that would work if he likes those. πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to the pouch tutorial! πŸ™‚


  2. Very interesting post! Fruit snacks and peanut butter? So funny but good that it works! Thanks for sharing. You are stellar parents.


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