First time on a slip n slide!

Today we went to our neighborhood park. I never go to our parks because to be honest our neighborhood is a little scary. Usually we walk out of our neighborhood and across the street to a nicer neighborhood and play in their park. J

Today our HOA had organized activities and free lunch for the kids, so I took the boys and waited the hour it took for TJ to eat his lunch before letting him go play with the other kids. They had already played beach ball volley ball and Frisbee before he finished his sandwich. Talk about a slow eater!

When he was finally done, they had set up a slip n slide and he wanted to go down it. J

It was hilarious watching him run up to the slip n slide and then stop and sit down.

He also tried army crawling down the slide.

Luckily there were lots of other kids to help him get down the slide. J

He really liked playing in the little pool at the end and needed lots of reminders to get out so the next kid could take their turn.

After awhile of playing in the water they broke out the beach ball volleyball again.

And then they even played Frisbee again.

He threw that to me, it didn’t hit him. J

TJ really enjoyed all of it!

And I was surprised by how many people at the park figured out that TJ has diabetes. Some saw the pump and some just saw his port (I took his pump off for the slip and slide and didn’t put it back on until after all the games were over because his shorts were drenched.

A couple kids even asked about it and no one picked on him or made fun of him. They were all really nice to him and helped him with the activities.


Gabriel had fun too. I let him sit in the grass (and I think he ate some) 😉


I was really surprised at how TJ was treated by all these strangers! I’m not sure what I expected, maybe that nobody would notice or comment and some people ignored it. But a lot of people commented or asked and everyone was very friendly and understanding. He really is an amazing little boy!



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