Just another day on the rollercoaster

TJ got to play at our neighborhood park, make a new friend with a teenager who helped him attempt to play basketball (even while up on his shoulders he couldn’t get the ball into the hoop) but he still had fun! J All that hard play seemed to have no effect on his BG levels until much later in the evening. He was in the 300’s when I checked him before dinner so I dosed him for what he ate and his BG as the pump suggested (over 1 unit—a crazy high amount for TJ)

Then we watched Wall-e before bed (TJ played a little bit but mostly sat and watched) at bedtime he followed his usual routine of “not feeling well” so I checked him and he was at 127 with a full unit of active insulin in his system! Not good, especially at bedtime.

So TJ got a bedtime snack, one of our favorites: fruit snacks and Peanut Butter. I read about it in a blog and TJ seems to really enjoy it. It gets the sugar into his system to bring him up and at the same time he gets some protein to help keep him steady over time. Hopefully it’s enough to keep him from getting much lower! I’ve decided we need to meticulously write down his exercise and BG’s after to see if we can find some kind of pattern. It is so confusing that it goes up so high before crashing and that his playing in the early afternoon doesn’t affect him until dinnertime or bedtime!

I’ve finally got back on the wagon. Tony has been running on the treadmill almost daily for about a week now and is sticking to it really well.

I decided today was day one of P90X (again) I really need to stick to it, I have all the excuses everyone else has and have decided to force myself to work through them. Wish me luck!

CardioX done! J

Gabriel had his 6 month check up today. He his 29 inches long and weighs 19 pounds! Big boy! J He’s healthy and doing well (except for his insatiable hunger at night—He still wakes up every 3 hours to eat)

😛 Hopefully that will change soon! J I can always hope, right? J

He had some crazy hair today. J He is an expert at making mommy smile. J


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