The Honeymoons over

From super fun overly busy days to lazy days at home with almost nothing getting accomplished, TJ’s sugars have been up and down like crazy. Before our trip to CA he was consistently low, we almost never had a level over 250. Since the trip his sugars have started getting close to 400 at times. I guess that means his “honeymoon” is over.

It could be all my fault though, our schedule is no longer a schedule (If you know what I mean). We sleep in and have a late breakfast, then we get busy and have a late lunch and that of course pushes dinner and bed time back too. It will be interesting to see what happens to his sugars once I start working summer school in august and we’re forced back into a schedule.

Gabriel is crawling and his 3rd tooth has cut through. I don’t think he really wants to crawl though, he is already trying to pull himself up on me and furniture; he really wants to keep up with his big brother and doesn’t believe crawling will be fast enough.


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