Waterfront fun

I had a nice visit with an old friend I haven’t seen in years. We spent the day with our kids at the aquarium and on the waterfront.

It was kind of difficult talking and keeping the conversation flowing with 3 kids to distract us, but it was lots of fun!

TJ has impressed me with how proud he is of his insulin pump. He showed it to my friend and her son (a 7 year old). TJ’s “new friend” was very curious about TJ’s diabetes, he’d never heard of it before and I tried to explain it to him. And he talked to TJ about how he can’t just eat whatever whenever either, because he has a severe peanut allergy.

The most frustrating part of the day was TJ’s inability to eat his food in a reasonable amount of time. I don’t know how to get this kid to eat! Even his favorite foods (hot dogs) are not quick eats. L Which means no insulin until his sugars are reacting to his food and TJ’s sugars skyrocketing before the insulin works.

Tony and I tried to does him before he ate the day before but then he suddenly becomes, “not hungry” despite the fact that he had just told us he would eat it! Then we worry about his sugars crashing! There is no way to win here.

Luckily his sugars were ok during the visit. J No crashes, or major spikes despite his crazy eating (or lack thereof).

Oh, and on a side note: Gabriel is really crawling now!



  1. Aw, the aquarium! We haven’t been since that time we went with you guys. We keep talking about a membership but are torn because it’s getting to be so expensive to go down there and pay for parking and gas and everything…

    But then again Mike’s office just moved to really close to the waterfront so maybe it would make sense because I could bring the girls down and then pick him up from work or something. Anyways…..love the pictures! Especially the one of you and the boys looking over the water. What a pretty mama 🙂


    • Yeah, it’s really expensive, I wouldn’t have gone if my friend hadn’t wanted to go there, she was visiting from out of state. Parking is free on Sundays, but it is kinda far (especially for us!) 🙂
      Thanks! 🙂


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