Wild Times…

We went to the zoo! J

We saw lots of cool animals.

TJ even fed a Giraffe!

Even the wolves came out to play. J

And we really enjoyed spending time with Barbara, Rachel, Kaitlin, and Ashley!

Gabriel had fun too.

He really liked the penguins that were so interested in him.

TJ had fun with more than just the animals…

TJ’s sugars were a little crazy, thanks to all the walking we did.

He ran high, but we didn’t dose him for his sugars (just his carbs) because we figured it was a high before a drop.

And we were right, his sugars were 68 before dinner! I can’t image how low they would have been if we had dosed him for his BG’s at lunch too!

TJ had fun feeding the birds (as long as they weren’t on his stick) J

We even went on the carousel!

TJ wanted to ride in the sleigh, so Gabriel and I rode with him. 😉

A fun trip to the zoo! J And then after TJ went to bed….Tony and I found our inner Pyros!

We finally started the bonfire in our backyard, burning yard waste and old documents.

And now that we’ve put the fire out, we are ready for bed. J


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