California Dreamin’

Our summer trip to California was lots of fun with some minor Diabetes issues and lots of sunshine. J

It was a lot of time spent in the car….

We spent lots of time with TJ and Gabriel’s Great Aunts and Uncle. TJ entertained his great aunts and his great uncle Bob with his one liners and memory. Uncle Bob answered about a million questions including some about an umbrella stand with 3 decorative walking canes. He explained where they came from and told TJ that he needed them because he is an old man. Later that night after dinner, TJ wanted to play with the canes and I told him no his response was, “But I need them mommy, I’m an old man”. Uncle Bob Thought that was hilarious and proceeded to tell this story to everyone that arrived after us. J

We spent lots of time in the pool. TJ learned lots about swimming and went from being afraid to put his face in the water to being fearless and trying to swim underwater to dad without any warning.

We went to the Santa Inez Mission (so pretty)

We spent one afternoon at the beach where TJ had lots of fun playing in the waves. J

We spent a couple days in Solvang, even got a more recent picture of TJ with TJ’s Sports shop sign.




On the way home we stopped at the Jelly Belly factory (Papa had to get his belly flops!)

We had a lot of fun spending lots time with Grandma and Papa too (as if they don’t see enough of us already)! J


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