The Highs and Lows of our Vacation

From Day 1 of our trip TJ’s sugars have been out of control! He usually runs low, but he’s been jumping really high lately. We’ve been watching and counting carbs like normal but his sugars are all over the map.

It didn’t matter if he was playing hard, swimming for hours or sedentary most of the day (when we drove for 6 hours a day). He kept running high.

Today we started our long trek home, (3 days of driving 4-6 hours a day). He started out low: 90 (a normal # for him) but then he was at 240, then 340 and at dinner he was 377! (negative for keytones!) Seriously!?! He was dosed for his BG (blood glucose level) and his carbs, as usual. Before bed he was at 95 (again not unusual for TJ) but a little too low for bedtime, so we gave him a couple fruit snacks and some peanut butter to bring him up and keep him stable through the night.

We checked him 30 minutes later and he was at 51! So we gave him more fruit snacks (a whole bag this time) and checked him 15 minutes later he came up to 71. So frustrating! Time for some juice and 15 minutes later he was at 119 but he still has active insulin in his system so we are giving him some apple slices and more peanut butter to try to keep his BG up overnight.

I can’t believe how difficult this is, you would think that by being proactive instead of reactive and meticulously counting carbs and monitoring his BG levels we could stay ahead of his diabetes issues and keep him somewhat stable (at least between 75 and 200) But we are at the mercy of his little body and whatever it decides to do. That’s making Tony and I CRAZY! Especially since he should have been asleep two and a half hours ago and he’s still eating apple slices and peanut butter. 😦

I guess we need to do what I keep telling Tony to do. Just pray harder and let go of what we can’t control.


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