Disorganized Ramblings

Goals were made to be broken, right? My anti depression plan has mostly fallen by the wayside. I was doing really well while school was still in session, but once summer hit, my schedule has been totally messed up. I can’t seem to remember to take all my vitamins (or any) anymore. 😛 Gabriel had not been letting me get enough sleep to work out. I have been watching my calories (most days) and just that has helped me start losing weight again (bonus!) I have been praying more too. J Even with all my failures, I’m feeling pretty good. Definitely not 100% back to my usual myself yet, but currently on an upswing.

TJ’s pump was adjusted at his last doctor’s appointment, so that he gets less basal insulin in the morning. I don’t know if it was that or if he’s just out of his honeymoon phase, but he’s been having a lot more highs lately. It’s really weird. If I didn’t know that he has no access to food at home, other than what we give him, I would think he was snitching food. I’m also confused by the “active insulin” as the pump calls it. I took that to mean that he still has that much insulin in his system to bring his sugars down. But the Nurses in the hospital said it takes two and a half hours for the insulin to peak. Then why would he still have lots of active insulin in his system 3 hours after his last dose? 😛

Gabriel has been eating solid foods! J He eats like we’re starving him! J So far he’s had pears, carrots, and green beans. I love my magic bullet blender; it’s so easy to make homemade baby food. I kept putting it off, thinking it was so much work, until my niece came over and had no food with her. I grabbed my blender and some frozen green beans and water and made her some warm green bean mush in no time! Since then Gabriel has been eating much better!

We are heading out on vacation tomorrow (thank God for house sitters) and I didn’t get the house cleaned like I’d planned. L I think we got everything packed that we need; it’s amazing how much we need to pack just for TJ’s Diabetes. Not only what we need for his pump but back up syringes, insulin (and back up insulin-in case his pump fails), test strips, lancer drums, a whole lot more paraphernalia that goes along with his treatment. A Tote full of stuff praying we didn’t forget anything important! It should be fun though, I can’t wait to see the sunshine and feel some warmth for a change! It has been so cold and rainy here it’s depressing! (literally) 😉

I’ve been pampering myself this week. :0) I had a Shellac Manicure and a pedicure yesterday and went and had my hair done (usually a 2x per year event) today. Loving the nails! But my hair I’m not so sure of. First, she took 3.5 hours to do my hair (way too long!) And it didn’t turn out the way I had envisioned it. I was trying to decide if I liked it, and attempting to get used to it, when my husband’s reaction made me consider going to the store and buying brown hair dye to attempt to return it to my natural color. He REALLY doesn’t like it. I’ll let you judge for yourself. Here’s a before:

And here’s my new color:

I went in for a partial foil, trying to get red highlights. This to me looks like red all over. L I’m still trying to get used to it. Let me know what you think.


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  1. need to see it down and your face to see your coloring and such. I like the color, but with your fair coloring I’m not sure it’s the right fit for you…take a picture with your face and makeup on 🙂


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