And Summer Begins!

I’ve been a slacker when it comes to my blog this week. It’s been quite a busy week! Sunday was Fathers day and we had a very nice day. Tony got his surprise in the morning before church (we had to go to our local Roman rite church due to time restraints).

After church we went to my sister’s house to celebrate all the dads in my family that could be there. (Thanks Donna for hosting!)

All three of my boys. J

This wasn’t taken on Father’s day but I love how TJ and my dad are in the same zone in front of the TV. 😉

Tuesday was the last day of school! And Tony was so nice, he let me take a three hour nap that afternoon while he took care of the boys. (See, I married a great guy!)  😉

TJ tried to keep Gabriel happy while I showered yesterday. He almost drowned him in stuffed animals.

Then we finally made it to the park, just in time for daddy to join us and have dinner. J

Today we went for a walk on a nearby trail, after a short visit from Grandma, Grandpa, and Cousin Sidney. J

TJ got to practice his bike riding skills.

He definitely needs to keep practicing! LOL! He gets scared very easily and slams on the brakes and still needs to work on his multitasking (steering and pedaling at the same time)

For a 3 year old who hasn’t been riding for very long, I think he’s doing great! Although it was frustrating to expect to be able to walk for a while and being forced to stop every minute while he hit the brakes (usually for what appeared to be no reason at all).

Such handsome boys I have. J (Not that I’m biased or anything)

Now you are all caught up on our not so crazy lives (this week) 😉


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