Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

I’m stealing this from my friends blog (I don’t think Kayleen will mind), it’s short and sweet (which is good, because I have KempoX waiting for me when I’m done!) J


The picture turned out really yellow but the plates are actually white with black stripes. They are my pretty new dishes. We splurged with our Costco rebate and bought the dishes I’ve been wanting for a long time! J (It’s the first time we didn’t spend our rebate at Costco! LOL)


TJ loves his new flip flops! J I remember the first pair I put on him, he cried and cried. He didn’t like the feeling of the strap between his toes; it took me putting them on him multiple times to get him used to them.


Gabriel cracks me up! He is ticklish everywhere and loves to see what his brother is doing. He will try to turn his head all the way around, like an owl, just to see what TJ is up to. J


TJ’s new storage bin for all his supplies. We keep all his diabetes things in this big blue bin in his bathroom. It’s amazing how much space is required!

And on a side note:

I had a really good day today! J I’m already feeling less tired and (although I’m sore from my last workout) I’ve stayed awake long enough to do my third workout in a row! J I also had lots of fun showing the kids at school how to do burpees this afternoon and playing the part of drill sergeant, making them do burpees before they could move on to the next station.


  1. What in the world is a burpee????


    • It’s an exercise. You start in a standing position, drop down and put your hands on the ground, jump your feet back (into a pushup position) do a push up, jump your feet up by your hands and then jump to stand up.


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