Our weekend

This Sunday was our Priests Anniversary of Ordination/Birthday party. Saturday my sister-in-law watched the boys so I could go help set up and decorate the hall for the reception. Kaleen had a beautiful plan for the table settings.

I wish I were this artistic.

The best I can do is help recreate someone else’s creation They did turn out beautifully!

After that my brother graciously fed me dinner and then I took the boys home and put them (and then myself) to bed.

This is our icon wall in our “little church” (our home).

I love how the Byzantine right of the Catholic Church is so steeped in tradition. Every home is a little church and should have an icon corner: a place to go and pray, and according to Fr. Joe be safe from punishment. We recently dropped off some new icons to be blessed at church. I will post pictures when they are up in TJs room. It is the boy’s patron saints: St. John, St Patrick and The Archangel Gabriel (one more is on the way for TJ—St Anthony)

Our church is covered with icons all the walls and even the ceiling.

There are even icons on the iconostas (the doors of the altar).

This is where we spent Sunday morning, surrounded by incense, prayers being sung and beautiful icons.

This is also where TJ had a low blood sugar scare, right at the beginning of Divine Liturgy (Mass). He just wanted to be held and fall asleep, not usual behavior at 10:30 am. We checked his sugars and he was 54! Fruit snacks and 15 minutes later and he was back up over 100 but it was scary. Even after he came back up he wasn’t his usual self, still wanting to be held and kind of tired. But eventually he was his usual trouble making self.

Then we got to enjoy a delicious dinner and celebrate Fr. Joe: An amazing man who had dedicated his life to serving God.

He has started 5 Byzantine Catholic parishes in the North West, was a Chaplain in the Air force, and is an inspiration to his parishioners.

After all the fun and festivities TJ, Gabriel and I went to Grandma and Papas house to wait for daddy to get off work and come take us home.

TJ got to ride his bike.

Thank God Papa was there to keep him from falling off!

He also got to play with Grandmas puppy, Molly.

All in all a very nice weekend although very busy and exhausting (at least for me).


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