Mommy’s Mistake :-(

TJ’s port pulled off of him today after he bathed and got dressed. It wasn’t time to change it yet, they’re supposed to last 3 days. I decided to try a new site for his port and followed the steps to put it on the side of his tummy above his pants line.

Apparently I missed one step, because as soon as I got it in he said it hurt. It hurt to touch and it hurt just having it there. L Bad mommy! I realized after I took it out that I had forgotten to remove the cover on the needle, just a tiny piece of plastic but probably felt like a log being forced into his side. L

After much convincing, (he didn’t want me to take the one that hurt off and put on a new one) I put a new port in on his back again. I think it will be a long while before he’ll try the tummy area again. I can’t believe I missed that!

Now Gabriel is asleep on the floor (he was not happy while I took care of TJ) L

And TJ is eating his lunch so I can dose him and make sure this infusion set is in properly.

We wasted about 50 units of insulin with my mistake and 30 units by having the port pull out early. Good thing he doesn’t use much insulin, but I’m wondering if this vial will have any left at the end of the month. J No worries, we have an extra vial in the fridge. J

Now I get to finish getting ready, take the boys to my brother and sister in laws house and head to church to help set up for Fr. Joe’s Anniversary of Ordination and Birthday reception tomorrow. J Should be fun to actually hang out after church tomorrow and visit with everyone, instead of having to rush out the door to get Tony to work on time.



  1. Carrie

    I am sure every parent who is new to this process, makes atleast one mistake. It is a time for learning for all of you and having another little one taking your full focus away makes things all the more difficult. He is such a big boy with all of this, what a brave and strong little guy he is!


    • He is an amazing boy! 🙂 Thank you. I know every one makes mistakes but thats not what I was thinking when everything was going wrong. 😉


  2. Shelly Ohashi

    You are doing an incredible job Mary!!! Be good to yourself. This is a hard disease for any parent to manage and there will be lots of ups and downs. And the pump is freaking complicated sometimes! LOL TJ is so lucky to have you for his mom! Now I want to know how you got a blood sugar of 75? Scotty is in the 300’s at least once a day. 🙂


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