Pump: Day 1

We had a very exciting day today. TJ’s first day on the pump! J We were at the Dr shortly after 9am (of course we were a little late for our appointment) 😛

And Grandma and Grandpa met us there with TJ and Gabriel’s cousin Sydney. J

We learned a little more about pump therapy.

While TJ played with some toys and Gabriel played with Sydney.

And Daddy got to put TJ’s port in for the first time. (I put it in for the Saline pump trial)

We get to go from this

To this!

I have to say my favorite part of TJ being on the pump was today’s lunch. After our appointment TJ was hungry so we gave him an apple in the car. We decided to get him a helmet from the fire department (only $7 and they fit it to his head! J) When we got to the fire department he decided he didn’t want anything else to eat, so we dosed him for his apple (only .1 units –no way we could have done that with an injection!)

He got his helmet, and they even had a blue one!

When we got home he ate some more lunch and we dosed him for that. No needles, no stress about how much or little he ate (other than normal parenting: eat your veggies and get some protein in there type stuff)

I LOVE THE PUMP! Obviously its day one and we will have some issues with it in the future, nothing is perfect. But I’m one happy T1 mom today!

The fireman that fitted TJ’s helmet also gave him a fireman’s hat and sticker badge.

TJ prefers to wear the hat backwards so the back of the hat is a bill over his face, but I didn’t get a picture of that, maybe next time! J

And then it was nap time! I even got to take a short nap with Gabriel (thank you daddy for the great picture) 😛

This is how I must look most nights after TJ goes to bed (feeding Gabriel tends to put me right to sleep at night!)


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  1. I love love love that last picture of you two sleeping! It’s very sweet!


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