It’s the little things

I’ve been feeling very bipolar this week, high highs and low lows have been my life. Good news is I’ve ended on a high and it seems to be staying. J I received a call from Marybridge yesterday and someone cancelled their pump class next week so TJ does get his pump before we go on vacation! Woo hoo!








TJ loves his new (hand-me-down) bike and had lots of fun helping daddy adjust the seat so he can ride it.














He does need some practice to learn how to pedal.











Today both boys took their nap at the same time and I took advantage by taking a relaxing bath.






TJ saw this picture and asked, “Mama, are your feet floating in the bubbles without you?” LOL had to share. He cracks me up!


















I painted my fingernails while in the tub; otherwise I would never have had the time for the polish to dry. Ever the multi-tasker (even while relaxing)!






TJ is currently sitting in my lap asking if he can help me by pushing “the big button” (the space bar) and Gabriel is asleep in his Pack and play (currently is bed in our room since he outgrew his bassinet).

Now we are waiting impatiently for daddy to come home! It’s a rare treat that he is off as early as 5:30 on a Saturday. Although, I have no idea what to make for dinner and he will be hungry when he gets here! I guess I should go figure that out! J



  1. Hey hey – you’re doing great with the blogging! I love your nails – maybe you could do mine sometime! Also, I was thinking it would be just fun for the two of us to get together sometime (sans kids!) and just chat/hang out! I know right now you are nursing so perhaps I could meet you closer to your house and we could get coffee?

    Anyway, I hope all is well – even amidst the craziness! Sounds like the class ended up going fine with TJ?


    • Thank you! Sounds fun. 🙂 I could do it near church on Saturday before we start setting up, if that works for you. 🙂


      • Saturday might be a bit crazy for me 😦 Just with prep for Father’s thing and everything. I would love to but I’m worried I might be putting too much on my plate.

        Maybe we could try for the following weekend?


      • Sure, I just need to get a sitter lined up. 🙂 Which should be easier now, since TJ is on his pump! 🙂


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