After all the excitement of yesterday, today was quite a downer!


TJ received his pump yesterday and when I tried to schedule his class to actually be able to start using his pump (with high hopes of having him on it before our vacation this summer) I was told they can’t get him in until July. I am so sad! I’m trying to stay upbeat about the whole thing but it really doesn’t help that the receptionist told me yesterday when I first tried to schedule the class that they had appointments available this week and next week. Seriously? Shouldn’t she know how to schedule people for the different appointments if that’s part of her job? (Can you tell I’m a little angry too?)






I also learned that Tony’s family won’t be able to drive up and visit us while we are on our CA trip this summer. I was really looking forward to seeing them all again and introducing Gabriel to more of Tony’s family including Gabriel’s Abuelita.




To end on a happier note…I gave TJ a much overdue haircut tonight. I’m too cheap to take him out and spend $20 for a little boy’s haircut (and think I did a pretty good job—not the first haircut he’s had at my hand)

I did my best to keep Gabriel entertained while I buzzed TJ. He started out in the jumper and ended up in his bouncy seat.


TJ is asking me if I’m taking a picture of Gabriel. J

Yes, Gabriel, you are next….soon you will be getting haircuts by mommy! J


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  1. Carrie Osbourn

    Your little guys sure are handsome!


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