Another Sick Day

TJ was always so healthy before now it seems like he’s sick every other week. 😦 He’s been sick (and puked) twice since his diagnosis on April 4th and it’s so much scarier now!

He kept telling us he wasn’t feeling good last night, usually that means low blood sugar. Last night was different. He was way high, over 350. I guess I’m much more laid back than Tony about these things, because I thought we should just let them come down on their own overnight. He was already asleep and I thought one night of high blood sugar wasn’t that big of a deal.

Tony checked his sugars again later in the night and he had come down to below 250 (which I thought was an ok number for bed and showed that he was coming back down on his own). We also noticed that he had a fever. :-(he didn’t have any other symptoms. Tony wanted to give him insulin, so I finally told him to go ahead (thinking that would make him feel better) He must have checked TJ’s sugars 4 times last night.

When TJ woke up this morning he was a little lethargic and still had semi-high sugars and a fever 99.9. I called the 24 hour hotline to make sure it was ok to give him Tylenol or IB (unsure of the sugar content) within an hour (too long) I found out it was OK to give him either. So I gave him one dose of Tylenol, which he immediately puked up (lucky for me in the toilet. Nice job TJ!)

He went back to bed for a little while but then the lethargy was no more and he wanted to play. I’ve been doing my best to not only keep him from running around, but also keep him away from his little brother. Apparently not being able to love on his brother is like torture to TJ. 😦

Now he’s over 250 and even with Tylenol his fever is at 99.4. So frustrating! Why can’t he just kick this quickly and be healthy again? Hoping his fever breaks tonight so I can go back to work tomorrow; taking time off without pay is killing my paychecks!



  1. Aw, TJ is so handsome! He is really looking more like a boy than a toddler (well, I think that started happening a while ago, but still 🙂

    That is so hard that he has been sick. I can imagine being in your shoes and being super worried all the time. I just want to encourage you and tell you that you are an excellent Mom and Tony is a great dad and you will be able to take good care of TJ. Right now it’s got to be the hardest because you are still learning, but I know in a little while you will be pros. I know a friend of a friend who had a son diagnosed around 2 and now he’s like 6 and that boy is like THE most responsible 6 year old in the world. He is so mature for his age and I just know TJ will be too, as one result of having diabetes. But yes, right now it must be really stressful adjusting. We will keep you all in our prayers so that the Holy Spirit will guide you and give you peace.

    Feel better TJ!


  2. P.S.
    I just love the ‘toes’ picture!!


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