Excitement and tough changes

Yesterday was my niece, Kaitlin’s, 1st Holy Communion. She was so beautiful! And she wore the same veil that my sisters and I wore for our 1st Holy Communion. 🙂

The Mass was nice with a wonderful homily.

My Brother and his family.  :-)

I was told I had the best dressed boys in church. ;-)   They are pretty cute, if I do say so myself.  :-)

An exciting and wonderful day!

And then on to the party! :-)  A BBQ with lots of yummy snacks and treats all over the house.  Our first Party since his diagnosis where food would be out at his level. I had many talks with TJ about not eating anything without talking to me first. When we first got there he was perfect, much more interested in playing with his cousins and their freinds than eating anything. ;-)

I had to convince him to come down and eat lunch (at 3pm! But he’d had a late breakfast and a snack) My plan was to let him have whatever he wanted (within reason) so that he wouldn’t sneak anything.

and that worked for lunch. Although it made carb counting really hard for me! And it never failed as soon as I weighed and calculated something he took another bite of it.  LOL. In the end he ate a fairly healthy lunch with a few treats to go with it.  :)  He got his shot and went upstairs to play again.

When he came back downstairs later he not only “forgot” to not grab things with out asking, but he ignored me when I told him “NO!” from accross the room when I saw him pick up a cookie. He took a bite! little stinker! His Aunt Barb checked his sugars for me and fortunately he was a little low, so I didn’t have to give him a shot for the cookie (although I felt like I should have,  just to remind him why he can’t just grab food)

I guess TJ had been doing so well in his “honeymoon period” that I thought the party would be easier than it was.  I keep telling myself that he’s only 3 and he probably did way better than most kids in his situation but it was a rough afternoon for this mom!



  1. I hate the internet! I just spent 45 minutes typing and waiting for pictures to upload and when I published the post it left almost all of it out! Stupid wordpress! and since it’s once again after 11pm I will have to fix it tomorrow! 😦


  2. All fixed now. But still frustrated with how long it is taking to upload pictures! 😛


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