Why I’ve begun (Part 2)

On Tony’s first day off during my spring break, we planned to go to the zoo as a family. I called and scheduled an 8am appointment for TJ to have his blood sugars checked (thinking that I was just being paranoid) and we’d go on to the zoo after the appointment.

We woke up early that Tuesday morning and I didn’t give TJ any breakfast, thinking they’d want a fasting blood sugar.  Of course that was the first morning in two weeks that he didn’t want to drink two cups of water when he woke up.  We talked to the Dr about what TJ had been doing and he asked if TJ left a urine sample yet. (no despite two trips to the bathroom)  We practically forced him to drink a sippy cup of water and then the nurse offered him a juice box (which he downed in seconds)  Finally he peed in a cup and then we waited for the Dr (to tell us that TJ was fine, of course). Instead the Dr. came back and said that the strip “lit up instantly” and they needed to do a blood test. This is where I started crying (for the first time) realizing that I wasn’t just being paranoid and thinking that my three year old son (who was often spoiled by relatives and strangers alike with suckers and other candy) would have to give up all sugar.

The blood test showed TJ’s sugar level over 400 (around 100 is normal) The Dr said to head over to Marybridge Childrens hospital ER. With a quick stop for some breakfast, we went. Through the metal detectors to the desk and from there to the waiting room, where we waited and waited. Eventually a nurse came and took us to one of the ER rooms where we waited some more and watched as 2 different nurses tried 3 different places to put an IV in little TJ.  Eventually they got an IV in and started him on saline. TJ was such a trooper, only having a hard time while they were actually poking him.

They brought him a bag of goodies to pass the time and ran another finger prick blood test (his blood sugar was higher than their machine could read).  When the blood test came back (from the IV blood draw) he was over 700.  He played with his play dough and stickers and we waited some more. We put a movie on for him and kept on waiting.  Finally they got us into an inpatient room and once there we waited some more. We had some visitors that night which helped break up the time and entertain TJ. We didn’t learn anything about diabetes that night, they just shuffled us around and kept us waiting.  They gave TJ medicine and told us what they were doing but now, looking back, that afternoon and evening are just a blur.

They moved us to a larger room (so Tony and I didn’t have to fight over the 1 person pull out chair) but that didn’t happen until really late that night. TJ hadn’t had a nap and was up way past his bedtime and people kept coming in a pricking him and disturbing him and checking his vitals. When we were finally in our bigger room, he melted down when we told him it was finally bed time.  That was a rough night.

We didn’t make it to the zoo that week.

We were at the hospital for 3 days learning how to take care of TJ and all about Type 1 diabetes.  My parents came to the first class and we all gave each other shots to practice before we gave TJ a shot. TJ had fun with all the hospital toys and the friends and family that visited.


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