The end of the beginning

TJ was having a really hard time with the shots and the blood tests. Tony had great ideas to help him through (He’s such a good dad).  He had TJ push the button on the lancer so that he pricked his own finger, and TJ also got to choose where he got his shots (which arm or leg)  The pushing the lancer button (and later even cocking it so it was ready to go) really helped TJ deal with the finger pricks.


While we were in the hospital, my parents had picked up our dog, Madison and were taking care of her for us.  On Thursday they called us and asked for our vet’s number because she wasn’t looking good, her tail had swollen up to 3 times its normal size.  She had been bitten by a poisonous spider and her skin on her tail and rump was already dead.  by the next day she had a really hard time walking and seemed to be in a lot of pain, despite having been on an IV at the vet most of the previous day and receiving medications to help her fight the poison/infection. Friday my parents called and asked if they had our permission to have the vet put Madison down if necessary (we told them yes –and then cried for a while).     She was such a good dog. 

The same day we were released from the hospital she was put down.  She could barely walk and half of her flesh on her rump was dead. We still miss her (especially when I drop food on the floor in the kitchen)  😉

This was TJ on our way home–We didn’t tell him about Madison until a couple of weeks later.  He didn’t ask, later he said he thought she was “still at the doggie doctor”  😦

I didn’t know it at the time but we were so blessed that TJ was diagnosed this year and not last year or next year.  His little brother Gabriel was born in January of this year, then we had the 4 day stay at Marybridge.  We are getting TJ on an insulin pump (it will be so much easier!) and we were told by Aetna that we would have to pay 20% (after our deductible was paid).  I wasn’t worried about the deductible, I already knew that thanks to the first hospital stay for Gabriel we had met our family deductible.  What I found out today was that we have a “maximum allowable out-of-pocket expense” and that we’ve already met that for the year also.  That means that the pump is covered at 100% the Continuous Glucose Monitor is covered at 100% and we won’t have to pay any out-of-pocket money for any of the things we will need to change out his port every 3 days for the rest of this year!  🙂  We will still have to pay for insulin and test strips (until we switch to the CGM) and whatever else we buy at the pharmacy.  I was walking on a cloud when I got off the phone with Medtronic today! The $1400 we thought we’d have to come up with was weighing down on me, now I just can’t wait to get the pump and get it on TJ! 🙂

 TJ with his “trial pump”


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