Why I’ve begun

I’ve never been a “blog” kind of person, in fact I have only ever read one persons blog. As much as I’ve enjoyed reading her blog I never had the urge to write one of my own until recently. I’m not sure why I have this urge all of a sudden unless I’m being guided to find an outlet for the new craziness that has entered my life.
Here’s my back ground:


I am a conservative Byzantine Catholic married to my soul mate at the age of 25. We bought our first house and moved to Bonney Lake. After struggling with infertility for the first four years of our marriage we were finally blessed with TJ.

Being a working mom was not very hard for me, my mom watched TJ, so I didn’t worry about him while I was at work. One day before TJ’s third birthday we were blessed with another son, Gabriel. That delivery was harder for me to recover from and Gabriel was not quite the easy going baby that his older brother had been. He wants to be held as much as possible and eats a lot more frequently than TJ did. TJ is an amazing big brother, always wanting to hold and hug and love on Gabriel (sometimes just a little too much).


We were just starting to get the hang of having a three year old and a (now) 2 month old when God gave us another challenge.


TJ was constantly saying he had a tummy ache and drinking way more water than usual. All of a sudden, he had to have water first thing in the morning (at least 1 full sippy cup) and constantly throughout the day and every night before bed; he’d down at least one (usually more) full sippy cup. All this water caused him to have to wake up to go to the bathroom 3-6 times a night. I knew that constant thirst and frequent urination were symptoms of diabetes and was worried about him. I started talking to people at work, most of whom told me not to worry and made it seem like it wasn’t a big deal. Then I told my mom about my fears and she encouraged me to take him to the doctor to be tested.



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